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Chris Brown
Crondall Entertainers > Past Productions > Confusions - 2013

Confusions - 2013

Written By: Alan Ayckbourn

Performed: 2013

Confusions is a series of inter-linked one act plays. Each play deals riotously with human eccentricities and the dilemma of loneliness:

Firstly in 'Mother Figure' we meet a lonely mother unable to escape from baby talk,

Then in 'Drinking Companion' we realise why she was lonely when we witness her husband's unsuccessful seduction attempt of two other women,

In the third play, 'Between Mouthfuls' we meet two unhappy couples in a fate-fraught dinner encounter,

Finally we witness a disastrous Village Fete where just about everything that can go wrong does so in 'Gosforth's Fete'.

Audience Feedback

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance last night. Good fast pace and lovely comic timing in so many places. Theatre 64 has done Between Mouthfuls so I knew what to expect, but it was still a joy to watch, especially the waiter.

Congratulations all round to all performers, and well done to the rest of the crew behind the scenes.
- Pam Howard

Alan BirdsworthWaiter (Drinking Companion)
Alan BirdsworthMartin (Between Mouthfuls)
Angela ThorburnBernice (Drinking Companion)
Angela ThorburnPolly (Between Mouthfuls)
Brian KerryVicar (Gosforth's Fete)
Brian KerryWaiter (Between Mouthfuls)
Carolyn WaiteRose (Mother Figure)
Carolyn WaiteMrs Pearce (Between Mouthfuls)
Geoff SmithTerry (Mother Figure)
Geoff SmithMr Pearce (Between Mouthfuls)
Jackie FordMilly (Gosforth's Fete)
Jackie FordPaula (Drinking Companion)
Margaret GrimwoodMrs Cholmondley-Warner (Gosforth's Fete)
Margaret WalesLucy (Mother Figure)
Matthew NewberryGosforth (Gosforth's Fete)
Matthew NewberryHarry (Drinking Companion)
Tony WaiteStewart (Gosforth's Fete)
Production Team
Barrie CheesemanSet Construction / Stage Management
Brian GrimwoodThe Bar
Brian StallybrassFront of House
David HydeSet Construction
Geoff WickesAssistant Director
Gerry LucasStage Management
John FordStage Management
Lorraine CowderyFront of House
Lyn StallybrassFront of House
Mark WalesLighting & Sound
Matthew NewberryDirector / Producer
Matthew NewberryProgramme & Publicity
Monica CheesemanFront of House
Suzanne LucasPrompt
Tony GregoryThe Bar
Tony WaiteThe Bar
Val HydeFront of House
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