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Carolyn Waite
Carolyn Waite
Crondall Entertainers > Past Productions > Little Tommy Tucker - Pantomime 2015

Little Tommy Tucker - Pantomime 2015

Written By: Paul Reakes

Performed: 2015

Pantomime 2015 was 'Little Tommy Tucker' telling the story of Dame Ditty who runs a successful school of singing much to the disapproval of rival Dr Discord.

When the Duke of Sterling arrives in town with his daughter, Sophie, the rivalry is brought into the open and a singing contest is held at the local fair. Doctor Discord, knowing that Dame Ditty only has female students, arranges that the contest be for males only. He enters his handyman Benny who really cannot sing. When Dame Ditty discovers Tommy Tucker and his wonderful voice things look up for her. Dirty work is afoot though as Dr Discord plots with the witch, Mother Curseum, to put a spell on newcomer Tommy Tucker and steal the prize!

Will Dame ditty, with the help of her star pupil, Melody, and other friends, be able to find help and reverse the spell?

Whilst the show is now cast, there are still opportunities to get involved. Perhaps you enjoy painting or DIY, singing, dancing, acting, sewing, lighting, sound or just want to be part of the team.

If you are interested in getting involved do please get in touch.
Alan BirdsworthDr Discord
Amy WalesBenny
Anise WarwickChorus
Cecelia SmallboneChorus
Emilia GillilandTommy Tucker
Geoff WickesProfessor Wizo
Imogen TomsChorus
Jackie FordDame Ditty
Jamin NicholChorus
Jemima TomsSophie
Judith BarnettChorus
Laura EdisMelody
Laura Lineham-HillChorus
Lizzy OvertonChorus
Margaret WalesMother Curseum
Mya MaceyChorus
Natasha EdenChorus
Neil LockhartDuke of Sterling
Olivia ComptonChorus
Poppy BerryPrimrose
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