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Spotlight on...
Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Crondall Entertainers > Members


Below is a list of everyone who has ever been involved in one of our productions since we started in 1982.

If you are a current (or former) member and would like to update your profile page - do please contact Matthew with details of the text and photos you would like included.
Abi Carre
Ada Reece
Adam Smith
Alan Birdsworth
Alan Quilter
Alec Sanders
Alesha Lloyd
Alice Gandell
Alison Laidler
Alix Macey
Amanda Fane
Amber Scofield
Amy Wales
Andrea Stevens
Andrew Hyde
Andrew Oldham
Andy Cruickshank
Angela Cowdery
Angela Thorburn
Anise Warwick
Anna Carson
Anna Sanders
Barbara Simmonds
Barrie Cheeseman
Barry Simmonds
Becky Robinson
Ben Paterson
Ben Paterson
Bernard Hope
Beryl Cullington
Bethan Francis
Bethany Lawson
Betty Bryce
Bev Heslop
Bill Moore
Billie Schotrst
Bob Hammond
Brenda Bedingham
Brenda Sullivan
Brian Drew
Brian Grimwood
Brian Kerry
Brian O'Carroll
Brian Stallybrass
Brigitta Ricketts
Carol Slaney
Carole Hinchcliffe
Caroline Harvey
Carolyn Waite
Cathy O'Carroll
Cecelia Smallbone
Charles Gray
Charlie Day
Chelsea Retief
Chloe Taylor
Chris Brown
Chris O'Brien
Claire Brown
Claire Lymer
Claire Wythe
Cyndy Cole
Cynthia Awad
Daisy Hyde
Dave Cole
David Hyde
David Tyler
Dawn Taylor
Deborah Hammond
Eadie Shaw
Eleanor Smith
Ellen Heslop
Ellie Tavare
Ellie Watkins
Elliot Larkin
Emilia Gilliland
Emily Hall
Emily Poulton
Emily Whitehouse
Ernest Awad
Eve Vass
Fleur Tavare
Francesca Hardy
Frank Coley
Fred Cowdery
Gareth Francis
Gareth Parsons
Gary Hay
Geoff Margason
Geoff Smith
Geoff Wickes
George Macey
Georgina Clark
Gerry Lucas
Gill Coley
Gillian Prebble
Grace Mayhew
Graham Crennell
Hannah Hope
Hannah Parsons
Hannah Peacop
Hannah Wilson
Harry Tye
Helen Lucas
Hilary Broom
Howard Benson
Imogen Toms
Irene Poulton
Jack Goodrum
Jack Tavere
Jackie Argent
Jackie Clarke
Jackie Ford
Jadaeine Mwangi-Crennell
James Hardy
James Marin
James Peacop
James Schofield
Jamin Nichol
Jane Craven
Jane Francke
Jane Short
Janet Sisk
Jason Kewley
Jayne Marin
Jean Moore
Jem Rudge
Jemima Toms
Jess Stewart
Jill Evans
Jill Mahwinney
Jim Bryce
Jim Warnes
Jo Johnson
Jo Mahwhinney
Jo Mardles
Jo Storey
John Ford
John Rogers
Jonny Webb
Josh Matheson
Josie Agnew
Judith Barnett
Julia Cannon
Julia Cheeseman
Justyn Potter
Justyn Potter
Karen Walker
Kate Castle
Kate Larter-Conway
Katie Ellis
Katie Goude
Katie Leonard-Smith
Keith Bedingham
Kim Blazer
Lara Chapman
Laura Edis
Laura Ellis
Laura Lineham-Hill
Laura Webb
Lauren Tyson
Lauren Williamson
Lewis Birdsworth
Lianne Baxter
Lillie Lambert
Lily Ricketts
Linda Tyler
Lisa Quilter
Lisa Starr
Liz Moore
Lizzie Scott
Lizzie Toms
Lizzy Overton
Lolo Watts
Lorraine Cowdery
Lotte Watts
Lottie Morley
Louisa Drumm
Lucinda Dockar
Lucy Ellis
Lucy Ferris
Lucy Matheson
Lyn Stallybrass
Lynette Flavell
Madeleine Wright
Mandy Birdsworth
Mandy Dineley
Margaret Bennett
Margaret Grimwood
Margaret Marett
Margaret Wales
Mark Gilliland
Mark Vass
Mark Wales
Marlene Pearce
Martin Savery
Mary Potter
Mary Wilson
Matthew Newberry
Mel Overton
Melanie Jones
Melvyn Cooper
Michael Sanders
Michele Linehan-Hill
Michelle Logan
Michelle Oakley
Miren Savery
Miriam Hope
Molly Gilliland
Molly Savery
Monica Cheeseman
Mya Macey
Nancy Hall
Natasha Eden
Neil Lockhart
Nick Tavare
Olivia Compton
Olivia Hardy
Ollie Greenwood
Pam Howard
Pat Sanders
Paul Bloch
Pauline Joy
Pauline Marsh
Pete Jafferes
Peter Sullivan
Phil Brown
Philip Birkett
Philip Robinson
Pierce Trehern
Poppy Berry
Rachael Goude
Ria Zmitirowicz
Richard Tyler
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
Rob Ives
Robert Webb
Robin Tyler
Rod Castle
Rosie Stewart
Ruby Astle
Russell Toms
Sally O'Brien
Sam Jones
Sam Wales
Samantha Gregory
Samantha Kier
Sandra Blazer
Sarah Spiers
Sarah Webb
Saskia Watts
Sean Larter-Conway
Sheila Lambert
Simon Whipple
Sonia Halliday
Stewert Ferguson-Bell
Stuart Kier
Sue Ovell
Suzanne Lucas
Suzie Powell
Syb Francis
Teresa Palmer
Terry Hayes
Tia McSalley
Tom Worthington
Toni Gregory
Tony Gregory
Tony Waite
Tracey Savery
Val Berry
Val Hyde
Vernon Dean
Victoria Gilliland
Vida Trehern
Vikki Riley
William Hobson
William Hobson
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