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Pam Howard
Crondall Entertainers > Past Productions > Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

Written By: Bob Hammond

Performed: 2005

Farmer Hood's Chickens are being whittled down by the big bad wolf, Granny Hood needs her cottage decorated, and Red needs a new dress to go to the village dance. Tom the Woodcutter wants to take Red to the dance.

All these things collide in the wood, ending with the wolf caught bang to rights, Granny's cottage done up nice and Red and Tom on their way to the dance.

Bob's script has now been published and is availabe via

Alan QuilterBass
Anna SandersChildren's Chorus
Bill MooreGeraldine Mathilda Chicken
Caroline HarveyAdult Chorus
Carolyn WaiteAdult Chorus
Cynthia AwadNurse
Cynthia AwadNurse
Dawn TaylorAdult Chorus
Eadie ShawChildren's Chorus
Ellie TavareChildren's Chorus
Ellie WatkinsChildren's Chorus
Emily PoultonAdult Chorus
Ernest AwadDoctor Darling
Fleur TavareLittle Pig
Fred CowderyPercussion
Gareth ParsonsTom
Geoff WickesMr Wolf
Graham CrennellFarmer Hood
Jean MooreAdult Chorus
Jim WarnesThe Randy Rooster
Jo StoreyAdult Chorus
Josh MathesonLittle Pig
Julia CannonAdult Chorus
Lauren WilliamsonChildren's Chorus
Lisa QuilterClarinet
Lucy MathesonLurch
Margaret BennettAdult Chorus
Margaret GrimwoodMother Hen
Margaret MarettPiano
Matthew NewberryGranny Hood
Melanie JonesChildren's Chorus
Michael SandersLittle Pig
Nick TavareHooded Avenger
Ria ZmitirowiczRed Riding Hood
Sonia HallidayAdult Chorus
Suzanne LucasClarissa
Teresa PalmerAdult Chorus
Tony WaiteWalter
Production Team
Barrie CheesemanSet Construction / Stage Management
Bev HeslopSet Construction
Bob HammondAuthor / Director / Lights
Brenda SullivanPrompt
Brian GrimwoodThe Bar
Carole HinchcliffeCostumes
Charles GrayFront of House
Chris BrownStage Management
Claire BrownMake Up
David HydeSet Construction / Stage Management
Deborah HammondCostumes / Front of House
Ellen HeslopScenery
Emily PoultonProps
Frank ColeyStage Management
Gareth ParsonsPoster
Gill ColeyScenery
Hannah ParsonsFront of House
Kate CastleCostumes
Kate CastleCostumes
Lorraine CowderyBox Office
Margaret BennettMake Up
Margaret BennettMake Up
Margaret MarettMusical Director
Mary WilsonMake Up
Matthew NewberryProgramme
Rod CastleSound
Tony GregoryThe Bar
Val HydeScenery / Stage Management
William HobsonStage Management / Curtain
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