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Carolyn Waite
Carolyn Waite
Carolyn Waite
Crondall Entertainers > Past Productions > Wartime Music Hall

Wartime Music Hall

Written By: Various

Performed: 2011

The Music Halls are some of our most popular shows. Just a week after the 11th of the 11th of 2011 this show gave us the chance to commemorate and celebrate.

The Wartime Music Hall was a variety show offering a nostalgic, entertaining and highly enjoyable evening of WWII songs, comic sketches, poetry and dancing with a meal and bar.

We were delighted to be able to present the Royal British Legion with a donation of 1000 from the proceeds of this show. In addition, during the show we passed round a bucket and collected for BBC Children in Need and raised a further 363.

Audience Feedback

We had an absolutely fabulous time on Saturday. We were not surprised by the high quality of the show but how everything seemed to combine to make it such a nostalgic and fun evening.

Our two guests who had never been before didn't really know what to expect but they have been raving all week about how wonderful it was - the catering, the young dancers, the two airmen, Matthew, Lucy, Jimmy, the food, wine and also the two wonderful young singers (Laura and Emilia) Who needs Simon Cowell - those two have so much X-Factor!

Well done - can't wait for the next show!
- Russell Toms

We had a such a fun time on Saturday it was a great show. We didn't know what to expect but what an enjoyable evening we had.

All the performances were excellent but the highlight of the evening was Judith Barnett - what a star!! A big thank you as well to the waiter/waitresses the food and drink service worked so well.

We look forward to the next show .
- Rosie Thornett and friends

It was an excellent show, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great acts and great hosts. A varied and well thought out show, always interesting. We especially liked that you took a few risks with your material. It would have been so easy to play safe and just press the nostalgia button. Highly impressed by the young dancers and singers. They looked as though they were really enjoying themselves.

Well done to all of you.
- Simon Applegarth

Alan QuilterBass / Cello
Amy WalesCast
Andrea StevensCast
Brian KerryCast
Carolyn WaiteCast
Charles GrayCast
Chris BrownCast
David TylerCast
Emilia GillilandCast
Emily HallCast
Fred CowderyPercussion
Geoff WickesCast
Grace MayhewCast
Imogen TomsCast
Jackie FordCast
James SchofieldCast
Jemima TomsCast
Jim WarnesCast
Jo StoreyCast
John FordCast
Judith BarnettCast
Laura EdisCast
Lucy EllisHost
Madeleine Wright Cast
Margaret GrimwoodCast
Margaret MarettPiano
Matthew NewberryHost
Molly SaveryCast
Pam HowardCast
Suzanne LucasCast
Tony WaiteCast
Production Team
Andrea StevensChoreographer
Angela ThorburnFront of House
Barrie CheesemanStaging
Bev HeslopStaging
Brian GrimwoodThe Bar
Ellen HeslopThe Meal / Staging
Fred CowderyTicket Sales
Geoff SmithThe Bar
Graham CrennellLights
Linda TylerThe Meal
Lorraine CowderyFront of House / Ticket Sales
Lucy EllisAsst Director / Producer
Margaret MarettMusical Director
Mark Gilliland Sound
Mark WalesStage Management / Staging
Matthew NewberryDirector / Producer
Tony GregoryThe Bar
Tony WaiteThe Bar
Val HydeThe Meal
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